IT Managed Services

Manage your business by not wasting your time managing your hardware and software. Let us be your IT department and handle your IT needs.

Cloud Services

Is my business ready to move to the Cloud? Contact us to find out if you can benefit from the Cloud.

Application Development

Most commercial software does not have all the features that businesses need. We develop applications which meet your business requirements and business workflows.


CFG Technologies offers you affordable website design and development


Full service web design

eCommerce websites

SEO services

Online marketing solutions

Web hosting and domain registration


IT Management Systems

CFG Technologies will design, manage, and maintain your computing and network infrastructure, recommending solutions, services and upgrades based upon your current requirements and planned future business growth.

Our Company

CFG Technologies is the best alternative provider for small and mid-size business in the Toronto area.

Our philosophy is to deliver our clients smart, flexible, and value-driven IT solutions by combining our enterprise experience with our small business personalized service and responsiveness.

Our aim is not to deliver systems for IT experts to use, but to deliver systems for your users to use. We do not concentrate on anything but the business requirements and projected growth.

IT Support

Having a fully staffed IT department simply isn’t a viable option for a majority of small/medium business owners

  • Many small businesses either have one full-time employee devoted to IT services or none at all. Both scenarios are recipes for disaster in an increasingly complex high-tech society.
  • For this reason we offer customized solutions that suits your IT needs.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services can help you in your day by day operations
by providing unlimited IT support at a minimal monthly rate.

Operations such as:

  • Support for workstations
  • Support for network devices
  • Support for basic and/or advanced servers
  • Network monitoring
  • Drive space monitoring
  • Back-up monitoring
  • Anti-virus updates/resolutions
  • Automated patch management
  • Spyware/virus removal
  • Quarterly network tune-up
  • Check of anti-virus programs and OS updates
  • Review drive space, memory, and CPU functions
  • Review all peripherals and network devices (such as routers, firewalls)
  • Perform test on your data backup to guarantee proper functionality
  • Review of server logs for errors or potential problems

Hourly & Pre-Paid Support

Don’t spend so much time making IT decisions.

Perfect for the small business who needs occasional IT support.

Our IT services are available in:

  • Traditionally hourly support
  • Bulk discounted pre-paid support

Cloud Services

Cloud Services is a service or system that runs outside of your office and can be accessible over the Internet

  • This is in comparison to a system that runs locally and is physically located in your office.
  • Cloud services is now mainstream and is being adopted not simply for expediency and cost savings, but also to meet strategic IT and business goals.

Cloud Services

Some of the cloud services we provide are:

  • Cloud VoIP (an alternative to traditional phone systems)
  • Cloud backup
  • Cloud e-mail
  • Cloud servers


Technology is evolving at a fast pace and as your company grows, you’re more likely to leverage new types of technology to stay relevant or compete with other companies which have already adopted these technologies

  • If you’re not sure where to start, our IT consulting is the perfect first step. We’ll help you acquire the tools and skills needed to grow and succeed!
  • Let our expert consultants explain how the right solution can bridge the gap between business and technology.

Change Management Process

  • Analysis – we help you evaluate and analyze your business requirements.
  • Architecture – we help you understand and discover savings in your network architecture.
  • Cloud Strategy - we help you understand how your business processes can be implemented utilizing cloud technology.
  • User Experience – we help you evaluate your online presence by utilizing User Centered Design, Information Architecture, Interface and Interaction Design.

Operation Management Process

  • Application Development – we help you the design, development, integration, delivery and support of your business applications.
  • Systems Integration – we help you with your systems integration capability, including strategy development, systems architecture and systems analysis – along with the practical implementation and integration of applications.
  • Project Management - we help you by taking responsibility for the planning, execution and closing of a project. We achieve this by working closely with you to provide effective and efficient project execution that ensures projects are delivered successfully, on time and on budget.
  • Data and Analytics – we help you discover hidden markets by analyzing your data and help you make decisions regarding finance, people and marketing.

Web Services

Your website is more than a communications medium; it is a key component for business growth

  • Our team of talented designers, marketing experts and content developers can build an online presense that is created specifically for your business’ big picture.

Web Service Management

  • Design Consultation Process – our project manager will guide you through a process to create a modern look and content structure for your new site. If it’s time to update your logo and corporate identity, we will also manage the creation of a new logo and brand standards for you.
  • Complete Design Customization – our developers will build out the design of your site from the discussions in the initial consultation and turn those ideas into a fully functional website.
  • Content Migration - we will move the existing content from your current site into your new site to ensure a smooth conversion.
  • Managed Website Transition – we will do all of the necessary work to take the new site live when everything is ready to go.
  • Professionally Managed Hosting – our engineers will take care of all of the housekeeping that goes into maintaining your site after it goes live.
  • Ongoing Content Updates and Management – let us take care of updates to your site after launch. We’ll create a custom support package to ensure speedy and efficient content management going forward.

CMS/LMS Development

Businesses are always looking for savings, Open Source software can help by cutting licensing costs, increase security, and stay ahead of the competition

  • If you are looking for web development using an Open Source platform or simply curious about the Open Source world, CFG Technologies can help you navigate through the hundreds of options to ensure what system is right for you.
  • We specialize in CMS and LMS system but we are knowledgeable on various Open Source systems.

CMS (Content Management System)

  • CMS is a software application that is used to create and manage digital
    content, typically web content.

LMS (Learning Management System)

  • LMS is a software application that is used for administration, documentation,
    tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses/training programs.

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